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Condiciones de Uso

1. In general
These general terms and conditions of Globe Media s.e.n.c. named in following PHEROLUX, become component of all supply and sale contracts with Globe Media s.e.n.c.

2. Discreet
All orders are shipped in a dicreet package with a non-descript return address (Globe Media s.e.n.c.). We know your privacy is important toYou and we will continue to protect it.

3. Prices
The prices are fixed prices with additional shipping costs.

4. Delivery times
3-7 day delivery, or longer, depending on your location. The Pheromones are shipped within 24 to 48 HOURS after receivement of Your order. Orders received on weekends/holidays will be shipped the next business day. The indication of the delivery times is non-binding. Disturbances in the business concern which are not caused by PHEROLUX, especially strikes, lockouts and cases of higher forces, who are based on an unforeseeable and undeserved event and lead to zu serious operational disturbances at PHEROLUX or at its suppliers, extend the delivery time appropiately. The orderer is only entitled to resignate, if in these cases, after ending of the agreed delivery time, he demands in writing the delivery an this one did not arrive six weeks after entry of the printing reminder to PHEROLUX to the orderer. In case of delivery time determined by the calendar, the 6 weeks period starts with its ending.

5. Deliver quantity
PHEROLUX is entitled in an reasonable extent to partial deliveries.

6. Dispatch transition
The goods are sent to the adress required by the orderer. The way and means of dispatch are the choice of PHEROLUX.

7. Property reservation
The supplid goods remain property of PHEROLUX up to the complete payment of the purchase price. The orderer is entitled to resell the goods in a regulated course of business. The orderer retires in advance on PHEROLUX demands from a resale up to the height of the open demands for purchase price.

8. Exclusion of retaining and rights to refuse payment
Exclusion of retaining and rights to refuse payment of the orderer against pecuniary claims are excluded if they are not based on the sales contract. Extra costs, occuring during the delivery or payment due to the blame of the orderer, will be charged in full height to the orderer.

9. Set-up exclusion
It is excluded for the orderer to set up with counterclaims. This counts not for undisputed, validly determined or ready for judgement requirements.

10. Guarantee
Every purchase you make at PHEROLUX is always 100% guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase, just return the unused portion for a complete refund, no questions asked (less shipping charges).
In the case of an unsatisfactory supply the orderer can require the cancellation of the contract or a reduction of the purchase price. Warranty claims end six months after delivery of the goods. The orderer has to complain the insatisfactory supply immediately in writing. Warranty claims due to obvious lacks expire, if the orderer did not indicate them 2 weeks after the delivery.

11. Returns
The orderer has a return right for all goods 14 days after delivery without indication of reasons. Products who have already been used or who are damaged are excluded from return. The return must be made on the postway and must be adressed to:

Globe Media s.e.n.c.
9, rue de la Grotte
8612 Pratz - Luxembourg

All other ways of return than post package are excluded if PHEROLUX has not previously agreed in writing.

12. Data security
All orders are shipped discreetly with a non-descript return address (Globe Media s.e.n.c.). We know your privacy is important to You and we will continue to protect it.
PHEROLUX is authorized, to save and process electronically personal data of the orderer only in the context of the purpose of the contract and data security-legally permitted.

13. Place of business and area of jurisdiction
Place of business and exclusive area of jurisdiction for supplies, achievements and payments as well as for payments occuring between the parties is Luxembourg, if the orderer is full buyer, legal entity of the public right or public special estate.

14. Deviations from these general terms and conditions
These general terms and conditions apply for all contracts. Additional or supplementary aggreements must be done in writing. The validity of other terms and conditions is not accepted.

If individual regulations of these general trading conditions should be totally or partly futile and/or ineffective, the validity and/or effectiveness of the remaining regulations or parts of such regulations remains unaffected. The invalid and/or ineffective regulations are replaced by a regulation, which is economically and legally effective the closest to the invalid and/or ineffective regulations. The same applies for possible gaps of the regulation.

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